What Is SEO?
By: Travers

What Is SEO?

With 4.49 billion pages indexed on the internet (and counting), it's a wonder anyone can find anything they're looking for while surfing the web. Sorting through all that information, making it easily accessible to internet users thankfully falls to the leading search engines who's job is to serve relevant content to search users.

In order to do this, they employ flexible and evolving Algorithms and the better the engine is at delivering relevant content to users, the more the users will return to make use their service.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) then is the process of getting one's content, be it video, news, products or other, to rank well in a search engine's unpaid or "organic" results.

How are websites ranked?

Elements like page titles, keywords, the amount of traffic the site receives, external links that point to the pages and how authoritative those links are, all count towards where a site will be ranked in related keyword searches.
The ultimate goal of any website owner is to optimise their content to rank as high as possible in related keyword searches via search engines.

So how does one SEO?

Various techniques are utilised in order to achieve this goal, some legitimate and some not so legitimate. Having a properly structured website that conforms to Google best practice standards is the foundation of a solid SEO strategy.

I will be discussing various SEO techniques both good and bad, on-site and off-site in further blog posts. Please feel free to contact us about your website and how we can help you build a better online strategy for your business, brand or organisation.

About Us

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Due to an increase in work nationally and in particular the Western Cape, FrogWorks relocated to Durbanville in Cape Town to pursue their ongoing passion for all things web.

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