Choosing Where to Appear Online
By: Steve

Choosing Where to Appear Online

As with everything else in life, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. A lot of businesses try to do too much, try to be in too many places at once… and it all becomes far too overwhelming to manage.
With that being said, there are even more businesses with little to no online presence at all! Which is, obviously, far worse. The business that has stretched itself so far that it cannot get back to its customers, however, also has its own set of problems. 

The trick to doing this online thing right is in finding the right balance. Just the right amount of social, an easy-to-manage website, local listings in the right places and, for some, even an app might be able to assist in those marketing efforts. 

The most obvious place to start is with a website. If you decide a website makes sense to you, it is imperative that you consider what it is that your website actually needs to do in order to support your business goals.  
It is still possible for a business to appear online without a website; but, of course, you have limited control over how you are seen as a brand in this space. For some, this may entail making use of local listings, while others will opt for some social media presence. The right combination of these can be highly beneficial without actually breaking the bank. However, one major drawback of this is that without a website you are limited in the sense of the information that you are able to get out there. A second may be that you will be trusted less by potential customers.

So to sum it up, less CAN BE more, none is too little; not being digital is silly, don't be silly!

If you want to know more or need assistance with making these decisions, get in touch and let’s talk. It’s time to make the leap to digital.

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